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News and Views, from 5 to 6 weekday afternoons on WTIB, 103.7 FM, The Source, and WNBU, 94.1 FM.

News and Views is a fast paced hour of News and Commentary with Tom Lamprecht and Sadie Klaus.

Along with giving the news, Tom and Sadie don’t hesitate to give their perspective on the news of the day – issues effecting Eastern North Carolina, the state, the nation and the globe.

We will also have guest interviews, with expert insights from organizations like the John Locke Foundation, the Civitas Institute, the Family Policy Council, the Heritage Foundation and others.  Plus we will also hear first hand from those running our state and nation, and candidates who would like to be running things.

We also want to hear from you!  Call in at 252-561-TALK or 252-561-8255.

25 Responses to “About The Show”

  • Lorelei:

    My husband is now addicted to your program, yeah!

    I would like to make a suggestion: why not provide us with web links to stories you mention on your show? You could have them listed here on your site, maybe in a menu on one side?

    Just a thought.

    Oh, and keep up the good work.

  • Sadie Klaus:

    Jan and Lorelei, thanks so much for the boost! :-)

  • Lorelei:

    Tom and Sadie:

    You two play off each other very well, and it is not the same when Sadie is ‘off’ for the day.

    “No more time off for you, young lady!!!!”


  • Jan Davenport:

    Missed Sadie, but good show!

    Since I don’t get to here Afternoon News and Views on the drive home, a couple of days ago I heard a caller to Sean Hannity who LEGALLY immigrated from Yugoslovia in 82. He was detailing the steps to communism and pointed out that we are headed in the same direction.

    Also, listening to David Jeremiah a couple of weeks ago, he quoted someone saying that government takes control by creating and crises then proposing solutions, thereby placing more control in the hands of fewer people. He indicated this is a progressing process. We are in the middle of it.

    Regarding the reaction of the crowd and the press to the question of where is “separation of church and state” in the constitution: You are absolutely right. Our country was founded on freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. Note however that the only religion that the ACLU and the government want us to have freedom from is Judeo/Christian religions. They know that is how to destroy the constitution, which was build on these principles. Kruchev (sp) said communism would take over this country from the inside. As long as Christians bow to the government, the bad guys win! (e.g. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men [women] to do nothing)

    You need to listen to the radio series from David Jeremiah (at least the first few broadcasts) – The Coming Financial Armegedon. There is some good stuff in there.

  • Lorelei:

    Tom and Sadie:

    I’ve gotten my dh (dear husband) to listen to your program as we carpool to work in the morning. Today (Monday), you mentioned President Obama talking about how Americans weren’t “thinking clearly” right now. My dh replied “Were they thinking clearly when they elected you, Mister Obama?”

    I thought you’d enjoy his response, I did!

  • Sadie Klaus:

    Jan, it was great to meet you, too! Thanks so much for your kind comments you left about our show. We did discuss the tea party event for a little bit this morning (you’ll hear it at the very beginning of the broadcast). Thanks for the encouraging words at the event. Hope to see you at future events as well. :-)

  • Jan Davenport:

    It was great to meet you both Saturday in the Original Washington!

    Tell Henry I said you are better than Sean! You are critical thinkers. You have a good sense of humor. You are serious when needed. You are not repetitive. AND you give a person a chance to express their views whether or not you agree.

    I missed the first half of the show this morning. Did you discuss the Tea Party?

    Best Regards and Let’s TAKE BACK AMERICA TOGETHER!
    Jan Davenport
    Beaufort County

  • Sadie Klaus:

    Thanks for the link Lorelei. I read it and found it interesting.

    Glad that you are still a listener. Tom and I love our listeners, and are proud to call you “friend”.

  • Lorelei:

    My sister, who is involved in the Tea Party in Oregon, sent me this link:


    It’s from last year, but in the light of the current administration’s apparent drive to destroy what is left of the American economy, it makes a lot of sense.

    I still enjoy the show, even though I can’t call often. Keep up the good work.

  • Sadie Klaus:

    Thanks for the fun comment, Todd! :-) Yeah, I wish I had more inspiration like I did that morning, but it either hits ya or it doesn’t. Glad you’re a loyal listener!

  • todd:

    I begin my mornings with a radio alarm clock around 6:15 and the highlights of the story “booby trap” breast implants really puts a smile on my face before the morning shower. Thanks Sadie. hope you find more funny ones like that…keep up the good work…

  • Tom Lamprecht:

    Hey, first of all thanks for listening! The primary numbers we were quoting were dealing with Federal salaries. We really tried to stress that …if you listen to the re-play on line you will hear those comments. We did mention the average of state employee’s salaries …but those reflect the average of all the states collectively. Obviously there are some who will be making less than the private sector salary. If you would like to review the article we were quoting you can find it at http://www.usatoday.com/money/economy/income/2010-08-10-1Afedpay10_ST_N.htm

  • NC State Employee:

    I am not using my ‘name’ due to the sensitive nature of this comment:

    I listen to your show every morning, and have my clock radio set to wake me up in time for a recap of yesterday’s show (about 5:50).

    This morning there was a discussion about ‘civil servants’. I do not work for the Federal government, but the state of NC. We have not had a raise since 2008 (and then it was about 1%), while benefits have been reduced. We’re paying more for our benefits, including the retirement plan, so we’re bringing home less money while the cost of living has continued to escalate.

    By comparison, if I went to work for PCMH, I could get a 20% raise for the job I do for the state.

    So much for the ‘State workers get great pay and benefits’ myth. The Feds might have raises and benefit increases, but not the NC state workers. Many of them are retiring or leaving for the private sector, because of the situation. And they are not, for the most part, being replaced, making it harder on the rest of us.

    Thanks for listening to my rant. Keep up the good work!

  • Sadie Klaus:

    No problem, Ben. Glad you listen to the show fairly regularly and it wasn’t just a one-time deal. I think you’ll find that we’re equal opportunity when it comes to trashing and bashing one party/individual or the other, even though we are also unapologetically conservative at heart. Looking forward to your perspectives being shared on air sometime!

  • Ben:

    Hey Sadie,
    Thanks for your response and your invitation to call into your show. I’m sorry, but I missed your show this morning. Actually just caught the tail end of it. I do like Morning News and Views b/c I like to hear the other side of an issue and then debate on it. I’m neither Democrat and Republican b/c both parties are downright corrupt and incompetent on getting any job done that needs to get done in this country. I am independent and try to vote on the best person for the job and that’s really hard to do today. Anyway, again thanks for your response and I’ll try to call in tomorrow for a discusion on your show.
    Take care and have a great day!!!

  • Sadie Klaus:

    Ben, thanks for the comment. Hopefully you listened to the show this morning, where we addressed your note and explained our views. Tom and I are very supportive of, and even excited to have, a friendly debate on issues, but also know that we will share our personal opinions on air, as well as the news and facts (hence, the title of our show). We encourage and welcome you to call in to the show at any time and share your personal view with our listeners as well.

  • Ben:

    I am an avid environmentalist who is very very upset about the oil spill in the gulf. I am avidly against oil drilling and I have had this belief for quite sometime. The reason why I feel this way is because of what happened in the gulf 50 some days ago.

    I am a very strong advocate for renewable energy. This type of energy is not new. It was actually pursued in the 70s but big oil never allowed this kind of energy to take hold because it effects their business. Energy is a big business and it was all because of money, power, and greed that allowed this to happen. It was like that then and it’s the same today.

    I listened to your show this morning and I was appalled and upset at both of you. Obama does care about Louisiana and the gulf and what Sadie said about him not caring about the gulf states was down right wrong!!!!!
    Especially what she said about if it was in NY or CA. he would’ve jumped on it on day 1. Oh yeah, and your comment on the “enviros”. That was very uneducated and you have no clue what you are talking about!!!! Us environmentalist are very concerned about our planet earth and in no way did we cause this disaster. I believed that would be the oil companies and government agencies that have allowed them to drill without any permits or regulations and by the way this has been going on long before Obama took office, so don’t blame everything on him!!!! The bottom line is the oil companies have screwed up on this not the Obama administation!!!!!!

  • Sadie Klaus:

    Ted and “Black Beard”, thanks for listening to the show and for posting your comments. We try to keep our finger on the pulse of local, state, and national news. Unfortunately, our time is limited and we rarely ever get to cover all the news of the day, on all three levels. Please feel free to call into the show at any time. We’d love to hear your questions and comments on the air, too!

  • Ted Watson:

    Your program is very informative and I have become an loyal listener.
    Why don’t you think about using part of your program time to cover more local and state “news and views”?
    I believe if folk are more aware of local issues they will become active at the grassroots level.
    Years ago one of the best and worst things to happen was televising City Council and Pitt County Commissioner meetings. Initially I asked my self “Are these the folks we have elected to govern our local affairs”?…certainly and eye opener.

  • Black Beard:

    O’Reilly has looked into the birth certificate issue and found two newspapers with the birth announcement in them. His opinion is there is no way to go back in time and forge two seperate newspapers.

  • Sadie Klaus:

    Very funny, Tom Skaggs!

    I’ve known him and his wife since my college days, and we’ve all been great friends ever since. You’re a real funny guy, TR. :-)

  • Tom Lamprecht:

    Hey Sadie were you a hair stylist back in Illinois? No? Sorry …it must have been some other kook.
    Thanks for listneing …I guess that was a compliment.

  • Tom Skaggs:

    That Sadie sure sounds like a women I knew from Urbana Illinois. Except the Sadie I knew in Urbana was a real kook. I think she was a hair stylist. Anyway…be thankful it’s not the same Sadie! Although that haunting laugh sure sounds similar. Anyway….keep up the good work.

  • Tom Lamprecht:

    Thank you for your kind comments Lorelei. Keep listening!

  • Lorelei:

    I have been listening to this show for the last month. I enjoy the information presented, as well as the banter between Tom and Sadie. I also am very pleased that this show is not like other stations’ morning offerings, where a ‘slap and tickle’ sort of sexual discourse is prevalent.

    It’s great that you have fun but keep it ‘clean’.

    Please tell those in charge to give you another hour of airtime, and give Laura Ingraham and Michael Savage another hour as well. I am disappointed when their shows are truncated.

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